Mobile Money: Keeping my family safe from robbery.

This is a sad story with a happy ending. READ TO THE END!

Sometime in May last year, early in the morning on my way to the gym, my dad texted me that, my mother had been attacked at home in Kenya broad daylight.

My mother, a humble school teacher, lived alone as my sister had just moved out and my dad worked out of town. She was outside when five men appeared and before she could figure out what was happening, she was tied up, locked in the house and tortured for five hours. Mental torture!

They told her that they would burn her vehicle, kill her and also kill my dad who they claimed was also going through a similar ordeal wherever he was. To stop this from happening, they demanded Sh 500,000 (around 5000 dollars). My mother, at that moment, did not even have a coin in her purse.

They eventually settled for electronics like laptops and her phone and left.

My mother was traumatized. She still is and cannot leave the house without informing the caretaker hired to stay with her. She lives like a prisoner in her own her home.

Obviously, this was an inside job I assume the informer had told them that I send money in bulk. Most of the money I send is meant to pay construction workers who are building my house.

As an African living in Diaspora, I find sending money via mobile apps very convenient. First of all, because my parents don’t have to risk walking around or storing huge amounts of money and also that I keep records via transaction history.

I have used a few apps but Remitly is actually the best.

I mostly love the speed and their rates.

Even when in Kenya, I don’t carry around my ATM card but instead prefer to just send myself money directly to Mpesa, Remitly’s Kenyan mobile money partner. Just to avoid any funny incidences at ATMs or wherever I may use my card. Everything at the palm of my hand!

When I mention speed, I mean they even give you an approximate time when the money gets to the sender. Which is about 1-5 minutes.

Their speedy process impressed me the first time I used them and have never looked back since. My friend needed some money to pay off her dad’s emergency bill at the hospital. I sent the money with another app but two hours later the money was still being processed. Then I tried Remitly and my friend had the money in two minutes. It took me a week to recover the other money I had sent through another app provider.

So how do you join me in this speedy side of life? You ask?

What’s in it for you? There is a special offer for all first-time users and whenever you share the link with a friend:

You can either download the app or use the website. You can read more about these details here:

For my readers in Kenya and the rest of Africa, you can share this information with your relatives in the diaspora as well.

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