My past side hustles in Kenya

Being broke is temporary, they say. What they don’t tell you is how that can make or break you!

In my early 20’s I had moments where I would run out of money, just days after payday. I remember one time, during an emergency, my dad asked me to send him sh 10,000 and I did not have anything. He then asked me: ‘What do you do with your salary?’

At first, I was really offended that my dad wanted to know what I do with my salary. Then I sobered up and used this as a challenge to empower myself economically. Yes, I had a salary but we all know how expensive Nairobi life can get. You need to be armed with a bunch of notes in case of a rainy day!

So this is what I did……

Short Term Rentals

It all began one morning while I lay in bed desperately wondering how I could make an extra coin. Everyone around me had some side hustle while all I did is pour my energy to my employer. Then I went online and read about short term rentals. This was around 2014. I downloaded Airbnb and I think two days after signup I had a guest from Uganda. Quiet guy who left without drama. That encouraged me to download more apps like and join Facebook pages for shared rentals. I made at least 10 dollars a day and was able to cover part of my rent leaving me with extra cash to boost my next business venture.


So what was the next business? I got into money lending. Guys, this was not for faint-hearted. Some people, especially men tried to con me but I survived. I actually did it for a while when I moved to Sweden. Then I stopped because I did not have a proper way to recover my money. I would love to do it. By the way, I only started with sh 3000 capital. Gave it to a friend, word spreads fast…within no time I was the the ‘cash madam’! But you know what they say about fast money?


Then I got into farming. Chicken! Frankly, this was a tricky one. I did not make much and it was tedious! Not sure I recommend it!

Tour guide

This is a very good gig if you have short-term rentals. You can combine showing your guests around as part of the package. You can also download apps like Show Around/ Find a local and charge whichever price you wish per hour. I never really made much from it but I think it#s because I was very busy with my day job as well.


I know one does not make much from google ads but still..what’s the harm in trying? Just find a niche and focus on building a community using your social media pages.

Got any ideas? Let me know in my comment section!

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